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Switch wiring diagrams
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This pocketbook has been compiled to assist
our customers in the selection of our most
commonly used cam switches. It contains
Kraus & Naimer standard contact arrangements
for C-, CA-, CG- and CH-series cam switches.

Switch wiring diagrams pocketbook

Isolators tested for longevity

Since 1988, millions of KS/KT/KL enclosed switches have been sold in Australia and around the world. They have been used very successfully in a huge range of applications from solar PV, to refrigerated ware­houses at -40°C and in tropical areas at temperatures up to 70°C. They have performed flawlessly under dry, wet and humid conditions. The enclosures are IP66/67 and IK07 rated.

The enclosures for these switches are designed for high performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. They are made from UV stabilized plastic material with stainless steel lid screws and have no failures reported

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New KGD40

Reduced arcing time
Compact design
Not polarity sensitive
Up to 1000 V

The new KGD40 switch type has been developed as DC switch for applications up to 50A. The arcing time has been reduced to some milliseconds using permanent magnets in the contact body. 2 magnets per pole are used to ensure not polarity sensitivity. Up on request the switch disconnectors are available with door clutch systems and padlock devices.

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The A25-switch type has been designed for applications where available depths behind the mounting plates are limited and the switching programs require a large number of contacts.

Main features:

Catalog: A-Switches
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